✅ HOURS OF ENTERTAINMENT - You'll absolutely love the hours of fun from this simple yet challenging indoor or outdoor party game. Toss the rubber rings onto the hooks of various score values and locations, including the lucky 13 bullseye. You can even customize your turn rules and scoring system!

✅ EASY SCORE WHITEBOARD - We've included a high quality whiteboard scoreboard and dry eraser to easily keep score or write funny smack talk over the course of the game. For ease of use, simply attach the whiteboard so it hangs down underneath the 13.5" diameter premium wooden playing board.

✅ SAFE FOR EVERYONE - Unlike sharp darts that can damage walls, furniture and injure players, the rubber rings are safe to use indoors in game rooms or man caves. The game is incredibly popular with kids of all ages, but also makes a fantastic adult party game or competitive drinking game.

✅ AMAZING GIFT IDEA - This game will last for years and never gets old! It makes a great housewarming gift, Father’s Day gift or birthday present for anyone who loves multiplayer party games. Adjust the board height and/or ring toss distance for people of different ages or skill levels.


Can You Toss a Bullseye Ringer?


Do you want an easy to setup family friendly party game that never gets old?


Seesaw Party Games has improved upon the classic wall mounted ring toss game by adding a premium large playing board with an attached whiteboard scoreboard.


No more forgetting your score or losing track who is winning…plus the board makes for some hilarious smack talk and friendly messages.


Each ring is made from high quality rubber that won’t damage your walls, furniture or floors.


Safe & Engaging for All Ages


The solid 13.5” diameter wooden board is easy to setup and hang on your wall or outdoors on a patio column or post or in a tailgating tent.


Unlike darts, there are no sharp points or edges that can injure people or your wall, floor or furniture.


Young kids with the hand eye coordination to toss a ring can play this game, but some of our biggest fans are actually adult party goers and drinking game, bar games enthusiasts!


Indoor or Outdoor Fun


We only use high quality materials like solid wood for the board, sturdy metal hooks, a high quality white board and 12 rubber rings.


The gameboard will last for years of indoor play. If you choose to play with it outside at barbecues and other outdoor events, we recommend taking it in at night and avoiding using it in the rain or inclement weather.



  • Game Board is 13.5” in Diameter and .8” Thick
  • White Board is 9” Wide by 6.7” Tall


Join thousands of happy party goers!


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