Hook The Bull


✅ ADDICTIVELY FUN - You, your friends and your children won't be able to stop playing this deceptively challenging party game! Setup just takes a few minutes and then you'll be spending hours trying to hook the metal ring on the bull's nose. Ring the bell when someone nails a perfect toss!

✅ FAMILY OR ADULTS - Ring the Bell is insanely popular with kids of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers. Adult party goers, tailgaters and drinking buddies will also spend hours hooked on this entertaining and competitive party game. Set it up indoors or bring it outside to tailgates or barbecues.

✅ CONVENIENT HANGING HOOKS - The game comes with everything you need to quickly setup and get playing, including instructions and all necessary hanging hardware. We've added a second ceiling hanger so that you can hang the ring out of the way and avoid bumping into it while not playing the game.

✅ FANTASTIC GIFT - Men, women and children of all ages will love playing this game. It makes a great man cave or game room gift and is especially popular with bachelor parties and groomsmen. Because the ring is on a string, there is no chance to lose the ring or accidently hit other players.


Let the fun begin!


Are you searching for the ultimate hook and ring toss party game?

Seesaw Party Games has taken the old British pub classic game and added some modern updates so that you can play and enjoy from the comfort of your own home.


Aim for the Bull’s nose and ring the bell when you make the ultimate toss!


Because the ring is attached to a string, you never need to worry about losing it or crawling on the floor and under furniture to pick it up.


Safe & Engaging for All Ages


The solid 8” diameter wooden board is easy to setup and hang on your wall or outdoors on a patio column or post or in a tailgating tent.


Unlike darts, there are no sharp points or edges that can injure people or your wall, floor or furniture.


Young kids with the hand eye coordination to toss a ring can play this game, but some of our biggest fans are actually adult party goers and drinking game enthusiasts!


Indoor or Outdoor Fun


We only use high quality materials like solid wood for the board, sturdy metal hooks and a metal ring.


The gameboard will last for years of indoor play. If you choose to play with it outside at barbecues and other outdoor events, we recommend taking it in at night and avoiding using it in the rain or inclement weather.



  • Board is 8” in Diameter and .8” Thick


Includes Setup Instructions and Rules.



Hook The Bull

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    5.0 out of 5 stars 

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